Contact & Terms

Contact & Terms

Please review my FAQ page for the fastest resolution. If your question is not answered there, please contact me at Carol @ with any questions or concerns. I do work full time, but I do my best to respond in the evenings once I am home. (Pacific Standard Time).


No need to message for a shipping quote. If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, shipping to a Fedex Hub is $65. All other shipments are $60. This is regardless of how many animals you purchase. If you need hime delivery and temps are favorable, please email me for a quote.

I ship Fedex Priority overnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Monday shipments have been very problematic and often get delayed. Thursday shipments run the risk of being stuck with Fedex all weekend if they get delayed.

Temperatures must be between 38-85 degrees at all times for delivery. This includes temps on my end, the Fedex hub, and your location. If you expect your temps to be out of range for an extended length of time, we can arrange to ship to a Fedex location near you to be held for pick up. With this option, the temps would still need to be between 32-90 degrees. Live arrival is guaranteed for delivery as long as the first delivery attempt was successful and you contact me within 30 minutes of Fedex confirming the shipment has been delivered. For hold at location options, you must pick up the same day it is delivered to the location. Please note, I will need to know the name of the person picking up the shipment and that person must bring a valid ID to pick up. If Fedex gets backed up due to a weather event somewhere in the country, shipments will be halted until Fedex directs that they are no longer experiencing delays. The well being of these animals is extremely important to me and I will not ship until I am confidant they will have a safe trip. No refunds will be given due to weather/event related shipping delays.


All animals sold are guaranteed to be healthy, sexed correctly and eating frozen/thawed mice unless noted otherwise. You must report any issues within 72 hours, with exception of feeding issues. I expect that you allow your new pet to acclimate to it’s new home for at least 72 hours before attempting to feed so I will allow 7 days to report feeding issues. If you have concerns, I must be contacted prior to contacting a veterinarian.


In over 15 years of shipping animals, I have only lost one. In the case it happens again, customers with DOA arrivals will have the choice between store credit or a refund. All other refunds will be given as store credit.

Customer Expectations:

I expect all customers to have researched the proper care of the species they are purchasing and provide the proper housing. I expect they allow the animal(s) 72 hours to acclimate in it’s new environment prior to attempting to feed and follow all recommendations on my Care Advice page. For the species I sell, I do not recommend the use of heat lamps. After feeding, snakes will need 3 days with minimum handling to digest.