Miami Phase Corn Snake - Breeder's Choice Special *Please read details carefully

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For those of you who want first crack at this season's Miamis. Please click the "Notify When Available" button. As soon as I have Miamis available, you will get a notification to purchase them here. NO PHOTOS WILL BE PROVIDED, hence the name "breeder's choice". Once your order has been placed, I will choose what I think are the best examples of current inventory for your order. If you prefer to see pictures first, do not purchase this item. Later in the season I will post individual animals for sale with pictures. Keep in mind, they will also be for a higher price and after my Breeder's Choice orders are filled. Orders will be filled as soon as the animals have eaten three times. It is a little more difficult to gauge their quality at this age. However, I am better at picking good Miamis than I am taking pictures of hatchlings. Keep in mind, the darker they are as babies, the more richly colored they will be as adults. The hatchlings that come out of the egg a screaming red, will often end up as a dull orange adult. Hence the ones I pick will be dark when they arrive. Give them time. :)

My line of Miami Phase are not locality animals. Breeding stock has been chosen purely based on health, color, and feeding response. Picture is a representative photo and not of the actual animal for sale.