All of my animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy, sexed properly, and feeding on appropriate sized f/t mice unless otherwise stated during the purchase. Hatchlings will have a minimum of 3 meals before they are sent out.

Waiting Lists:
I will only be keeping waiting lists for PREPAID animals this year. Prepaid animals (pairs or lone males) will qualify for a 20% discount off listed prices. I will not accept prepayment for lone females. If I do hatch extra females, they will be offered to those on the waiting list first. Waiting lists for each clutch will start when I get eggs. Refunds will be offered only in the event that I do not produce the animal you paid for. If you change your mind on what morph you want I will give you a credit towards other animals, however your “spot in line” is not transferable and you will have to pick from stock on hand.
I will be making a thread in my personal forum for each pairing when they begin breeding. If you are not interested in prepaying, but want to be updated on certain pairings, the best thing to do is to subscribe to these threads. For those who ARE interested in prepayment, subscribing to these threads is also a good way to find out when eggs have finally arrived. I will update threads with breeding, laying, hatching, and establishing progress as well as when hatchlings from that clutch are for sale. To be fair, I will not be sending out personal notifications when eggs arrive. Putting that info in the individual breeding threads allows me to notify everyone at the same time.
All pairings that do not have a pricelist or have an asterisk (*) after are not eligible for prepayment. Some of my pairings will produce normals that I have not added to the pricelist. These normals will most likely go straight to wholesale unless someone inquires about them ahead time and we come to a prepayment agreement. Feel free to email me with any questions.

The Flat Rate for shipping is $60 per shipment; this includes heat/cool packs if needed. I ship on Mondays and Tuesdays, but can work out a different day if necessary. I am Fed Ex Certified to ship reptiles, and all my shipments will be sent via Fed Ex. Someone must sign for the package or I cannot guarantee live arrival. I will not ship if temperature lows fall below 35 degrees or if highs are more than 90 degrees.